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Home & hangar home sites from 1-2+ acres await in this secure & private gated airpark community. Available NOW for your custom home or private hangar home! Call to schedule a community walk-through and lot tour.



View Our Interactive 360 Pano Videos Below. The unobstructed views of the Chugach range, the breathtaking panorama of the Palmer Hay Flats in this pocket of low-wind, the way the land captures the sun in its own private slice of Alaskan paradise….




Please Contact Us for Live Status of Available Listings - This Unique Community Will Sell Fast!


All The Amenities, Great Entry Price

B1 L1 S Teton Circle MLS#19-17987 SOLD

B1 L2 S Teton Circle MLS#20-18599 SOLD

B2 L2 S Teton Circle MLS#19-17988 SOLD

B2 L3 S Teton Circle MLS #21-33 SOLD

B2-L5 Glacier View Ave MLS #20-18569 SOLD

B2 L4 S Teton Circle MLS#19-17989 SOLD

B3 L16 S Teton Circle MLS#22-102 SOLD

B3 L9B Teton Circle MLS#21-6206 SOLD

B3 L9A S Teton Circle MLS#21-6204 SOLD

B3 L3 S Teton Circle MLS#21-6201 SOLD

Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
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Stunning Views

B2 L8 W Chigmit Circle MLS#19-17983 SOLD

B3 L4 W Chigmit Circle MLS#19-17977 SOLD

B3 L5 W Chigmit Circle MLS#19-17978 SOLD

B2 L6 W Chigmit Circle MLS#20-7791 SOLD

B3 L7 W Chigmit Circle MLS#21-16733 SOLD

B3 L9 W Chigmit Circle MLS#21-16728 SOLD

B3 L11 W Chigmit Circle MLS#19-17981 SOLD

B3 L14 S Teton Circle MLS#21-16726  SOLD

B3 L18 W Chigmit Circle MLS#19-17984 SOLD

B3 L17 Glacier View Estates MLS#20-18575 SOLD

B3 L8 Chigmit Circle Wasilla, AK 99654 MLS 21-1301 SOLD

B3 L12 Chigmit Circle Wasilla, AK 99654 MLS 21-1300 SOLD

B3 L13 S Teton Circle Wasilla, AK 99654 MLS 21-1302 SOLD

B3 L1 Glacier View Estates Circle MLS#21-5977 SOLD

B3 L2 Chigmit Circle MLS#21-6200 SOLD

B2 L11 Glacier View Estates MLS#21-6206 SOLD

B2 L10 Glacier View Estates MLS#21-6204 SOLD

B3 L15 S Teton Circle MLS#22-702 SOLD

B3 L10 W Chigmit Circle MLS#21-2477 SOLD
B2 L11 S Teton Circle MLS#23-455 SOLD

B3 L2 S Glacier View Estates MLS#22-4733 SOLD
B3 L3 S Glacier View Estates MLS#22-4734 SOLD

Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png
Sold Hang Tag-01.png


All The Details


You Have Options

Choose your own builder at Glacier View Estates or opt for a home crafted by developer and premier builder, Remote Alaska Solutions.

Remote Alaska Solutions has a history of building #concretestrong homes & hangar homes astoundingly suited to the Alaskan environment. Constructing with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), Remote Alaska Solutions builds homes that are truly Mother Natureproof. Superior earthquake resilience, a four-hour/2,000 degree fire rating, incredibly efficient thermal insulation & impressive soundproofing capability are just a few of the benefits of choosing an ICF home with Remote Alaska Solutions. Built in any architectural or aesthetic style, your options are truly unlimited.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.08.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.03.26
Interactive Community Panos
Choose Your Builder



Every lot in this new fly-in community features prime airstrip-access, including picturesque bluff sites with dramatic mountain & Palmer Hay Flats views. Enjoy the sunshine over the Inlet in this perfectly-situated community with a thoughtfully designed 1,350’ grass runway and low-wind, south/southeast approach.

Experience the unparalleled comfort and convenience of being able to take

off from your own runway, then come home to safely store your plane in your

own hangar or backyard within a small, private gated community.

As a pilot himself, the developer keyed in on the importance of the orientation/ location of the runway, securing its spot in a protected pocket of drier air and less wind than is present in other sections of the MatSu Borough.

The runway orientation takes into account predominant winds and considers

noise abatement for take-offs and landings, offering a particularly

advantageous approach from the southeast over Palmer Hay Flats. 

The 1,350’ unregulated grass runway is immeasurably more desirable than

gravel, minimizing dust and creating attractive community green space.

Exclusive Gated Community & Airstrip Details:
  • The property proudly faces South & East, the two best exposures for the MatSu Valley, both in terms of sun and view.

  • Similar to lake or ocean frontage, bluff properties like these have a unique-factor that is, undoubtedly, in short supply. The beauty of gazing at wildlife at sunrise on the bluff overlooking the Inlet is an experience you won’t soon forget.

  • Private gated community with lots ranging in size from ~1-2+ acres.

  • Park-like atmosphere with connection to Palmer Hay Flats wildlife refuge.

  • Plane Models Suited for Private Airstrip: Cessna's including 150's, 172's, 182's, 180's 185's, & 206's, and plane's as small as Super Cubs, PA-12's, Pacer's, Stinson's & Citabria's and as large as Beaver's, Otter's & Kodiak's.

  • Natural gas, power and MTA all available and ready for service

  • Low Monthly HOA Fee of $75/month

  • Stunning Bluff Views

  • Gated Community

  • Field Elevation: 20 ft.

  • Airstrip Length: 1,350 ft

  • Airstrip Material: Grass

  • 15' Drivable Road Either Side of Runway

  • A Palmer Hay Flats Community 

  • FAA uncertified / unmonitored / unregulated runway for private use of owners & guests




Love At First Site

Developer Seth Kroenke of Remote Alaska Solutions recognized immediately that Glacier View Estates was special. In fact, it was his own quest for a hangar home site for he and his wife, Jeelan, that initially brought him to this beautiful place overlooking some of the most dramatic views in the MatSu Valley.


 On a snowy date night in 2016, Seth brought his wife to what would soon become one of the most incredible land development projects they’d undertaken together. Like her husband, Jeelan was immediately inspired by the splendor of the land, and the two of them galvanized to pioneer the property for other aviation families like themselves. In that spirit, they launched the ground work for Glacier View Estates, a community built through the lens of an Alaskan pilot, but designed for so much more.



We envision the community of Glacier View Estates to remain small and centered around Alaskan’s appreciation of recreation, wildlife and scenic beauty. Residents will appreciate the thoughtfully designed airpark features while enjoying sanctuary in a protected gated community in their own private Alaskan retreat. Part of the allure of Glacier View Estates lies in its protection of the land to its south & southeast of the Palmer Hay Flats.


Tract A, 75 acres of mostly wetland, is directly connected to this state wildlife refuge and, as such, bluff site homeowners are secured the sanctity of their view. Tract B includes home sites along the 1,350’ grass runway and private roads, including generous 15’ roads on either side of the runway. Roads will be maintained privately through the HOA to offer the privacy and safety of a gated community. Its final phase (Tract C), may be purchased in its entirety or by individual lots as platted.



Seth Kroenke, Owner of Remote Alaska Solutions and developer of Glacier View Estates, brings with him 18 years of commercial bush Alaska aviation experience. His ability to approach this community through the lens of an Alaskan pilot, from the quality of the approaches to the security of the hangars, is part of what makes Glacier View Estates so unique. Early in his career, Seth constructed a premier fishing/hunting lodge in remote Alaska, and became a commercial pilot operating 2 air taxi’s. Later transitioning into full-scale construction and development as owner of Remote Alaska Solutions, Seth delivers a level of integrity and hard work that form the epicenter of his professional career.

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About The DevelopmeNt
Community Vision
A Note From the Developer


For other potential building options through Remote Alaska Solutions, click here 

Beautiful Custom Hangars

Your Dream Hangar Awaits! We'll Work With You to Design Your Dream Look, Layout and Functionality. All Within Minutes of Your Private Airstrip.

Stunning Bluff Views

Stunning views surround your new property, both on-land and in-air. Relax in the peaceful tranquility

of your new life.

Fly-In Convenience

Enjoy aviation without the hassle of a commute or busy commercial hangars. Take advantage of the security and convenience of parking your plane in your own backyard.



Remote Alaska Solutions was featured in the winter edition of Alaska Home Magazine. Live link coming soon!


Founded by Seth Kroenke in 2012, Remote Alaska Solutions (RAS) is a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial and residential construction company with the founding mission of bringing new technology, proven solutions & innovative ideas to the Alaskan market. RAS specializes in delivering concrete building solutions to challenging logistical projects throughout Alaska. As the area’s foremost specialist in building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), RAS’s repertoire includes a vast array of both civil, below-grade work, especially remote roads, runways and remediation, as well as a high degree of custom above-grade commercial buildings, residential homes and aircraft hangars. As such, Remote Alaska Solutions meticulously planned and developed the community of Glacier View Estates and serves as its premier builder. RAS is available and ready for design-build requests for homes and hangar homes on any of its 26 home sites.


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